Certification 2011:
As an amateur athlete (as most of us are) I have developed my coaching to benefit “normal” human beings. Far too many coaches use models adapted from “elite” training. Yet the skills required to run a 3:30 marathon are far different than those needed to run 2:20. Furthermore, those programs are based on starting with a large pool of top athletes, where in the end, only 1 in 20 might make the grade. 

I don’t like those odds. Ask yourself, do you want a 5% chance of success? (Personally, I shoot for 100% every time). Smarter training yields better results.
I have been running competitively since 1994. My first marathon was Portland 1996. It took years following plans in magazines and "on-line" programs before I figured out the keys to successful training and racing.

I began coaching with Michelle StanWiens and Performance High in 2009. 

Thank you to Megan, Amy, Leone, Mike, Marianna, Angela, Suzie, Mel and my wonderful wife Tiedji for letting me hone my coaching with them. 

Fortunately I can say they all reached their goals of either a marathon PR or a Boston Qualifier (or both)!

EMPLOYMENT: Mike at Shu's Idaho Running Co. has given me a wonderful place to play "Shoe Guy" since 2006.
​I became a USA-Triathlon Level I Coach in March or 2011.
I provide individual coaching, weekly workouts and most important the ability to adapt to your busy life.

People respond to training stressors over time and at different rates. In a perfect world any 12 week program off the internet would get you from point A to B. However, no one knows exactly how their body will react from one training cycle to another, let alone week to week. 

Plans are developed around you. Your current fitness level, your life, your goals.

Training for a Triathlon, Marathon or just want to get fit? Starting as low as $10 a week, email or call for “plan” descriptions, pricing and packages.

Additional services can be purchased separately: Fitness assessment, gait analysis, and hourly coaching.
Designed to fit your life...
Personal Victories:

Famous Potato Marathon 2008

Pacific Crest Marathon 2008

Emmett Sprint Tri 2006

Salmon Marathon 2009 & 2011

Hood to Coast Mixed  Submasters 2009-2011

Road Runners Club of America Masters Marathon Champion California 2011.